WIA callbook produced for 4th year running

The Wireless Institute of Australia has once again published its annual Callbook for 2017. The book was edited by Peter VK3PH (oaktree services) for the fourth year running and can be purchased on-line from the WIA bookstore. Some larger clubs, such as the Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club (EMDRC) sell the books to members at a discounted rate. Check their website for availability and details.

The book contains the callsigns of all licenced amateurs in Australia, extracted from the ACMA database on 1 September each year. It also contains loads of useful reference information for amateurs including the latest band plans, repeater and beacon directories. The CD is no longer provided although a searchable PDF copy can be downloaded from the WIA on-line bookshop at the time of purchase.

This high quality publication is an essential reference tool for all Australian amateurs to have on hand.

WIA Callbook 2017 cover

2014 Chris Jones Award winner Marc Hillman VK3OHM in his shack. Since getting on air in 2012 he has managed to put together a small but very functional station. He uses a recently acquired IC- 7300 for HF communications, and an IC-9100 for satellite operations. Satellite system uses a KR-5400 Az/El rotator and circularly polarised Yagis. To help with the DX he has an Expert 1K-FA amplifier. To the right is a 3D printer and small electronics work area.

WIA Callbook 2016 cover

CQ Field Day! The sun spectacularly sets behind two of VK3KQ’s microwave dishes, during the Summer WIA VHF/UHF Field Day. Working from a hilltop within the Ross Creek State Forest (around 25km south of Ballarat), VK3KQ/p is a multi-operator portable station which operates all amateur bands between 50 MHz and 10 GHz. Photo courtesy of Ralph Parkhurst VK3LL.

WIA Callbook 2015 cover

This year we celebrate 10 years since the introduction of the Foundation licence in Australia, so as well as being depicted on the front cover this edition contains a special four page (pages 8 to 11) summary of all Foundation callsigns issued in the last 10 years.

WIA Callbook 2014 cover

Portable operation is becoming more popular through participation in the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend as well as activating Summits On The Air. This year’s cover photo is of Charlie Savage VK3VZZ operating portable during the International Lighthouse and Lightship Weekend (photo taken by Robert Broomhead VK3DN).