New Foundation Licence Manual Now Available

Foundation Manual Cover

Foundation Licence Manual Third Edition

Your Entry into Amateur Radio, The Foundation Licence Manual, Third Edition is now available for purchase from the WIA or your local club.

As stocks of the second edition were nearly depleted, the WIA formed a sub-committee to review, revise and publish the third edition of this very successful study aid. The team consisting of, Robert Broomhead VK3DN, Jim Linton VK3PC, Peter Hartfield VK3PH and Ivan Smith (Communique Graphics) worked hard to revise the manual that has seen the Amateur population grow since the introduction of the Foundation Licence over ten years ago. Many thanks to those that have provided feedback on the second edition.

This very successful publication was originally authored by Ron Bertram VK2DQ and Phil Wait VK2ASD in 2005. It has since become the standard, must have, reference manual for entry into Amateur Radio in Australia. The third edition contains revised text (including contact details for the WIA and ACMA), more images, updated advertising, the latest first aid resuscitation chart and a copy of the latest band plans that were released by the WIA at the end of 2015.

The Manual is attractively presented and contains all the information needed to qualify for the Foundation Licence in Australia. The Foundation Licence syllabus and other extracts are reproduced with the permission of the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

To purchase a copy of the Manual, order on-line at the WIA bookshop or obtain a copy through the learning facilitator at your local radio club.